Can a new UI design increase mobile moments for Spotify’s mobile users?

Spotify is the brightest shining star in the todays business of streaming music. But even though their users are increasing rapidly, only about 50 % of them are using the mobile or tablet application on a daily basis.

Today Spotify’s mobile app is not mobile first, even though they claim to be so. Maybe this is something that we can’t really blame them for, considering that they actually have launched their service in early 2006, before the birth of the smartphone. This leads to reduced mobile moments and a complicated interaction for the users, something no company wants to be associated with in todays mobile society.

Although Spotify claims to be “mobile first” since the big update last year, we feel that they still have a long way to go. After a big amount of research and user interviews we realized that people mostly use their mobile phone as a mp3 player, and miss out on a big part of the mobile experience. This is mainly because it’s so much easier to search for music and create playlists on the desktop version of Spotify, compared to in the mobile application.

Gustav Söderström, Chief of Product at Spotify, says in an interview for Svenska Dagbladet that Spotify for a long time saw their streaming site as a desktop service only, but since the start of 2013 they had no choice but to change the whole organisation to focus more on their mobile users. He continues: “Now it’s all about mobile and the Spotify app is not only going to be a complement to the desktop version, but be able to stand on its own”.

But we don’t think that they did enough, things can still be improved! How to fix this, you ask? Some simple changes in the UI design and ta-daa – we will have an app that is easier to navigate and faster to use.

Our team wanted to make Spotify’s mobile app “mobile first” and change their users behaviour by making it easier to use features like playlists, discovering new music and socialize with friends and family. We happen to know that the designers and developers at Spotify actually spent a lot of time on the feature “Browse” to encourage people to find new music and create amazing playlists – something we wanted to highlight in our new design.

Please take a look at the video that we are going to release later today! Does this sound interesting? Check out our fellow classmates projects at

Written by Unni Lindahl

Best regards,
Unni Lindahl, Agnes Holmerin & Julie Fengås



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